AcdSee 10 (2008)

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AcdSee 10 (2008)

Počalji  Duke taj Pon Sep 29, 2008 11:53 pm

AcdSee 10

With ACDSee, you’ll never wait for another image to open. Get instant access to your photos
with the fastest viewer on the market.
See your photos on a virtual calendar, fill your screen with images and quickly browse through
your thumbnails. Plus, ACDSee’s Quick View mode is the fastest way to open an e-mail
attachment or a file on your desktop. NEW! Mouse over your thumbnails for instant previews.

Get organized with ACDSee
With ACDSee, organize the way that works best for you. Organize your Windows® file folders,
add keywords and ratings, edit your metadata, and create your own categories. Assign images
to as many categories as you like without duplicating files.
NEW! Use multi-word keywords like ‘Trip to Mexico’ to make finding images even easier.

Stay organized with smart features that automatically import, rename and categorize your new
images when your camera, iPod, camera phone, or other device is connected.

Organize images stored on CDs, DVDs, and external hard drives without copying them to your
computer with the time-saving PhotoDisc feature.
NEW! Unzip files and start viewing and organizing archived items right away, without leaving

Correct and enhance your photos
Correct common problems at the click of a button – eliminate red-eye, erase blemishes and make
colors true to life. NEW! With ACDSee’s advanced red-eye tool, get natural-looking results
with custom eye colors to replace red areas.

Compression & Split Utilities: WinRar and HJSplit

Code: Acdsee_10_with_Keygen_Kemo_Alex.rar

Broj poruka : 180
Lokacija : Petrovaradin
Datum upisa : 29.09.2008

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