Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2008)

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Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story (2008)

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Runingtime:117 min
Director:Jake Kasdan
Cast:John C. Reilly (Dewey Cox) , Jenna Fischer (Darlene Madison) , Raymond J. Barry (Pa Cox) , Margo Martindale (Ma Cox) , Kristen Wiig (Edith) , Chip Hormess (Nate) , Conner Rayburn (Dewey (çocukluðu)) , Tim Meadows (Sam) , Chris Parnell (Theo) , John Maynard (Gösterideki Adam) , Jack White (Elvis Presley) , Eddie Vedder (Eddie Vedder)
Fictional musician Dewey Cox skyrockets from humble beginnings in Springberry, Alabama and eventually gets caught up in the fame of rock and roll. He begins to hang out with musicians such as Elvis Presley and the Beatles. Jenna Fischer plays his backing singer and second wife, Darlene.

One of the pervasive themes of the movie is the fact that he accidentally cut his brother in half at the waist when he was a child (a reference to Johnny Cash's older brother Jack, who was almost cut in half by a table saw and died from his injuries). This causes his father to frequently repeat the phrase "The Wrong Kid Died."

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Datum upisa : 29.09.2008

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